Today an erotic adult massage is provided by many salons, but it is worth choosing only a proven decent institution that allows you to recharge your erotic energy and thoroughly relax from the bustle of everyday life.

In no case should not associate a session of erotic massage with paid intimate services.

Ero massage is performed by attractive girls who have special knowledge and professional skills that allow performing a general preventive massage.

Adult massage is one of the best ways to increase the tone of the body, which will allow you to relax, get rid of back and head pain. As entourage are attractive and seductive naked girls who will bring eroticism to the process. Thanks to the subdued light, relaxing atmosphere and occupational masseuses, the usual massage becomes an exquisite performance, permeated with eroticism and sexuality. The optimal combination of usefulness and pleasure, giving strength and energy, accessible to every man.

You probably became clear from all that the erotic adult massage is designed not only to relax, but also to stimulate sexual arousal. However, only an experienced woman can make an erotic adult massage even to the hottest macho, without bringing him to exhaustion, without allowing him to "burn out."

Erogenous zones in each person - the concept of individual. And find out where exactly the man has the most sensitive points is possible only in practice.

adult massage

Adult massage NYC

Looking for a good quality adult massage in NYC? Contact our salon managers right now and try one of the most sensual massages ever – adult massages!/p>

Are you looking for a good alternative to traditional massages that seem to you ineffective and dull? Try an adult massage and appreciate our masseuses work!

Relax completely with the best adult massages ever from our salon!

Are you searching for a good opportunity to completely relax and relieve stress and tension? We offer you to try an adult massage that is bound to make you healthy!

After all, at the session of an adult massage NYC everything depends on the wishes of the guest. From your desires.

adult massage in New York

Try an adult massage and plunge into the world of tranquility and calmness

Today, adult massages are very common around the world. One of the main reasons for this popularity is the wide hidden possibilities of this group of massages, which give not only benefits to the human body, but also physical and moral pleasure.

All massages for adults are considered to be erotic. In other words, the term adult massage (or massage for adults) is synonymous with the term erotic massage from a practical point of view.

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What are the main features of adult massages?

Unlike traditional massages, adult ones are not that common all over the world, but rightfully considered the most useful and effective. Why? Here are a few crucial reasons:

— Typically, adult massages imply close contact between two partners – a masseuse and her client; this fact makes the massage very sensual.

— This type of massage gives our clients a good opportunity to save their time thanks to the high efficiency of this massage.

— The massage positively affects not only the human body, but also the human mind.

— Most adult massages require some additional massage things thanks to which the process of massage becomes more effective and useful.

— One of the crucial features of this kind of massage is pleasure the client gets during the massage.

— Adult massages are all expensive as they require hard work from masseuses.

Adult massage service from our massage salon in NYC

If you value quality, then our massage salon is what you really need. Thanks to the coordinated work of our professional team, you are bound to receive a high-quality massage for adults of the highest quality.

We are sure that this type of massage is certain to fully meet your tastes, desires, and needs. Our young, beautiful and slender masseuses are sure to carry out the massage at the highest level thanks to their vast experience and high skills.

Along with the massage, we provide you with all necessary massage accessories for free. Thus, having ordered our massage service, you can forget about all your problems and completely relax even before the start of your massage session.

Are you worried about the price of our massage service? Don’t worry! Our salon offers massage for adults at attractive price. Moreover, we provide considerable discounts to our regular customers.

Still have questions? You can always ask them to our managers. Our staff is happy to answer any of your questions regarding our salon, masseuses, and massage services.

You can also find a lot of useful and interesting information on our website. Read some of our massage articles to keep up to date with the topic and find a massage that truly makes you healthy and happy!




20+ adult PROGRAMS





adult massage MODELS

ADULT MODELS(girls and womens)

Adult massage price

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates

Adult 4 Hands

incall: 30 mins — $400

incall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 60 min — $800

outcall: 90 min — $1200

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


60 min — $300

90 min — $500

120 min — $700

Adult massage escort

Today, the most popular and demanded adult massage all over the world in general and in the United States in particular is Nuru considered the most useful, pleasant, and effective.

Girls and Adult massage escort.

Nuru massage requires the closest contact between two partners. Before the massage, both partners undress and lubricate the skins of their bodies with the special Nuru gel that make the process of sliding easy and quick.

During the massage, the body of masseuse slides on the surface of your partner’s body. By doing so, the masseuse intensely affects her partner’s body.

In our opinion, this statement is quite true, but this group of massages should not be considered as a great legitimate opportunity to have public sex with a masseuse, since the main idea of massage for adults is to maximize the relaxation of the client’s body and soul, which can be successfully achieved only by using special adult massage techniques.

adult massage escort


We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.

Question answer

— High quality service is our priority.

— A wide range of beautiful and slender girls makes your massage a pleasant process.

— A wide range of massage services we provide allows you to select the one your mind and body really need.

What are adult massages the most popular?

The crucial peculiarity of this type of massage is that the masseuse uses your own body to massage your partner. This fact makes massage sessions very effective, pleasant, and at the same time useful.

While the masseuse massages her client, the client relaxes completely. The latter means the relaxation of both his body and mind. In other words, this massage is characterized by a double positive effect.

It’s good to notice that not only one masseuse can massage one partner. Sometimes a few masseuses massage one client with their own bodies to intensify the positive effect and pleasure.


Adult massage sex?

Adult massages in the city of New York

Unlike many other countries, adult massages are considered legal in the United States. This fact attracts many tourists in the United States in general and in the city of New York in particular.

People strive not only to try a new exotic type of massage and get unusual pleasant sensations, but to find a new effective way to relax, treat and prevent various diseases of their body and soul.

Today in New York, there are a large number of fans of adult massages. They are regular visitors to massage parlors and salons, create their own communities and websites on the Internet, and exchange their own opinions and experiences with other people.

Great demand naturally gives rise to a great offer and adult massage is no exception to this rule. Currently, hundreds of large and small massage parlors and salons are ready to offer their clients various types of adult massages.

Prices for adult massage services vary greatly depending primarily on the quality of the services provided, the image of the salon offering the service, its location, as well as additional massage services that the salon can offer its customers.



Manhattan address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019


Adult massage Manhattan.

Adult massage is a creative access to the body.

Elegant lines, exciting forms, sexual grace of a female body — undoubtedly, an occasion to seize for oil and a canvas and to write a picture. Or, for example, grab a camera and start making a series of cool photos. But, even the most ardent aesthetes and those who «love eyes», will not give up the carnal, tangible expression of women’s beauty!

Erotic adult massage Manhattan — there is the «oil painting» in bright colors, for you draw the most charming «model», which you so want to admire.

There is a sense to combine enjoyable with useful! To contemplate the beauty of a naked girl and at the same time to enjoy such immodest and free affinity of her body: body massage is an art, for this and intended. In a massage spa in Manhattan such an erotic «painting» can be done with beauty when you want!

Downtown address

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

Adult massage Queens.

In Queens, there are many places where you can spend leisure. But to relax really, to get a charge of power for further confident movement towards your own goals … This is not possible everywhere! Salon Adult massage Queens — the very place where real rest is absolutely real. Offers:

  • 1.Apartments.
  • 2. Special atmosphere.
  • 3. Sophisticated hospitality.
  • 4.Dostoynoe bar menu.
  • 5. Best masseuse girls Queens.

A good rest is not something to be dreamed about. They need to enjoy from the heart, without wasting time! Are you ready for a first-class rest of mind and body? We are waiting for you in the salon of Adult massage Queens: today, tomorrow and always!

Midtown address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

Uptown address

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

Brooklyn address

12 gelston ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

Adult massage Brooklyn.
Our girls.

We will not mislead you with «left» photos of girls: the site contains photos of real fairies that work in our spa.

Craftsmen, skillful, temperamental and constantly improving their skills, are ready to please guests day and night.

Erotic repertoire — fabulously rich!

In general, any magic of intimate massage and accompanying beautiful, romantic and exciting games is at your service. Positive will be — with interest, pleasure — as much as your strength and desires, impressions — take as many as you can carry!

Massage Adult massage Brooklyn will always be for you a refreshing source of sensuality, affection, relaxation and emotions with a plus sign. Do you want to drink from this source? Come to the erotic salon and try everything on yourself.

New Jersey address

2090 route 27 north , Lincoln Hwy , Edison NJ 088117

New Jersey

Adult massage New Jersey.

Well, and what’s next?

Further in the adult massage, the «temperature» of the senses increases with every minute! Especially since not only a girl can touch you, but you can touch it too: hands are a very strong erogenous zone, right?

The pace of the movements of the pretty pros of the erotic massage for adults is getting faster, the rhythms are clearer, the heart is beating louder …

Discharge after the girl has tried hard, massaging and caressing the hot spots of the guest’s body will be impressively enjoyable! Adult massage is good and as a massage for men, and as a massage for a girl, and romantic and courageous couples in search of pleasure!

The search will not last long: pleasure does not need to be searched for, it awaits its fans at any time in the salon of erotic adult massage New Jersey!

Adult massage NJ.

After a session of our massage Adult massage NJ you will breathe life full of chest and feel the aura of the Universe. Inspired by spiritual harmony, you will notice how the strength and vigor fill your body, which was fatally tired and exhausted before coming to our magical erotic club. You will certainly want to return to us, so as to resurrect like a phoenix from the ashes.

Exotic adult massage NJ.

Adult NY massage is designed for those who prefer to combine intimate adventures with a multifaceted and very useful rest. Visiting an adult massage club is a great holiday for a man who knows exactly what he wants from life!

The tradition of this exotic adult massage, which has relaxing, stimulating and magical healing effects, has finally reached us from the depths of time and the cradle of philosophical wisdom.

You can be absolutely sure of the high professional quality of our charming and talented masseuse girls.

Their subtle and sensual approach at the same time will achieve the desired effect of awakening the inner potential of your strengths and abilities, helping to believe in yourself and reborn to a new life.

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    The main features of our massage salon

    — With your massage service ordered, you can also get all massage accessories necessary for the massage to be done at the highest level.

    — Our prices are the things that are bound to pleasantly surprise you.

    Don’t miss the chance to make your mind and body healthy. Contact our salon managers right now and book the massage that is bound to make you happy!

    JohnI like this salon of erotic massage, everything is purely comfortable there, the girls are beautiful and make erotic massage, so that the head will swirl with pleasure. Well done, all the masseurs are professionals, this is evident even in their eyes!

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    Online dating sites might have merely become something since 1995, in that fairly short period, these web pages has expanded being among the many defining social tasks of very early 21st-century.

    Online dating sites might have merely become something since 1995, in that fairly short period, these web pages has expanded being among the many defining social tasks of very early 21st-century.

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